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Are you a professional or semi-professional sports team looking to build a fan base? 

Are you a part of a talent pathway that culminates in a sporting career for the best athletes in your sport?

Are you struggling to generate fans and develop talent at the same time? 

Is it cost-prohibitive for you and your organization to develop talent AND generate fans? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Citizens Sports’ FanGen service is FOR YOU!

Citizens Sports’ FanGen service is a fan centric operating system. FanGen works with professional sports teams, national and regional associations, local adult and youth sports organizations and individual athletes to create a thriving ecosystem for participation growth and the progression of talent through each level of play, from “Grassroots to Gold Medals”.

FanGen engages National, Regional and Local businesses to subsidize the cost of participation, provide coach and referee education and develop infrastructure such as facilities to support the anticipated participation growth, provide daily training environments to aspiring athletes and open up new revenue opportunities for the professional sports organization at the top of a TRUE sports development pyramid.

Sustainable Sport and Fan Generation

Data shows that the great majority of sports fans either currently or previously participated in a sport as a player, coach, or referee.

This relationship with the sport creates an affinity that carries over to supporting a sport in general as well as the performance of top talent within the sport. 

The more participants you have in a sports organization (SO), the more fans you'll have to help your organization grow continuously. 

FanGen enables the establishment of more teams by providing a frame work called a Development Pathway Network (DPN).

- Within your SO's DPN, every team at every level is supported using our sponsorship brokerage service. 

- Sponsor dollars lower cost and enable more athletes to participate, while simultaneously sponsors and vendors are incentivized to promote fandom through increased sales. 

- Incentivizing the community and lowering cost will generate more fans!

Our unique approach to G.R.O.W.I.N.G sports, in concert with our sponsorship brokerage service and Development Pathway Network (DPN) model, have been carefully designed, built and tested with sustainable sports teams in mind.

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